Through our environmental policy we commit ourselves to the following:

According to the philosophy of LSP-3D e.K. we will further develop and improve our efforts in environmental protection – in the interest and for the benefit of the general public. Environmental management is an essential part of our corporate decision-making processes and we are continuously working on improvements that help to protect and preserve the environment.
We comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and other obligations of the company.

In accordance with our environmental policy, the following principles apply to us:

-Reduce energy consumption as much as possible by optimizing machines
to avoid or reduce to a minimum polluting emissions of waste and the environment.

-Implement the legal requirements for recycling

-Obligation and responsibility of all employees to act in an environmentally friendly manner
We return residual materials to the material cycles as far as possible and
is economically justifiable.

-Our products, production processes and procedures should protect the environment as little as possible.

-Priority use of ecological materials.

We are committed to the considerate use of environmentally relevant resources and to an environmentally friendly energy policy.
We are committed to effectively expanding our environmental activities with the involvement of our employees, external companies and customers – in an effort to promote environmental awareness on a sustainable basis.